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How to Run your Android Apps (APK files) on Your PC?

Five Possible ways of Running your Android Apps (APK) on Your PC (Totally Free)
Do you Wish to use your favorite Android Apps on your PC/Laptop? Let’s provide you some of the insights for the best software and how you can use them to get what you want.

Have you ever found the urge to use your Android mobile Apps on your PC or Laptop? Do you wish to play, use all your android mobile apps on your computer with a big screen and a physical keyboard? Is your phone on charge and you can’t use it? Well, whatever the scenario is, you can now easily install your favorite android APK files on your PC or Laptop without using your mobile phone.

Well, the options of ‘how you can use android apps (apk) on your PC or Laptop?’ are often limited depending upon the mobile device, it’s operating system and the operating system that you are running. On the other hand, there are multiple free options that you should consider which are easy to use whenever you are running an Android based application on your personal computer.

Your options will depend on what mobile device you own or what version of Windows you’re running, but there are several ways to run the Android operating system (and its apps) on your computer.

1. BlueStacks: How can you run android apps (APK) on your PC using BlueStacks

Bluestacks has been in the game for a long time. If your preferences are to use something that is not just another emulator running apps from a different operating device then you should prefer Bluestacks to run a few of your favorite Android Apps (apk files).

Over the passage of time, BlueStacks has become one of the best softwares that facilitates the process of running your android apps on your computer. The apps may or may not have their desktop versions but as long as you are using BlueStacks, you can run the android version of those applications. 

Now, Bluestacks takes approximately 5GB of your harddrive and additional consumption depends on the android applications you might download. Once you have installed it, just open it and you would be welcomed with a home screen that allows customization according to your preference and access to the Google Play Store. You can surf on the Play Store to find the apps you need and then download them. Once an app is downloaded it is visible on the BlueStacks home Screen. A shortcut to it may also appear on your PC’s desktop.

You can run almost all of your favorite android apps using BlueStacks but if your preference is playing the games, consider installing BlueStacks X
BlueStacks X is specifically designed to use the apk applications without downloading them first. It’s a cloud-based solution that allows the user to stream the games without the necessity of downloading them.

BlueStacks X is basically an emulator that has various special features which include built-in mappings for your keyboard and mouse. These can be customized or shifted towards the touch controls found on various android games. Various other features such as resolution, DPI, FPS, CPU & Ram usage can be adjusted according to one’s need to get the best experience. 

BlueStack has a Paid version as well which does the same job as the free version but contains no ads. While the free version unfortunately may run some ads aside but maybe they would be useful to you.

2. Microsoft's Phone Link: How can you run android apps (APK) on your PC using Microsoft's Phone Link App

If you want to use all the apps that you have already installed in your mobile phone without the need of installing anything new, Microsoft’s Phone Link app got your back. It has a feature that allows you to connect your Android or iPhone device to your windows operating system. By doing that, you can get access to apps (android or iOs), view photos, check the latest notifications,send messages, change your mobile settings and much more.

The process is really simple. For android, install the Microsoft’s Phone Link app in your computer and then link both devices. Connect the devices using and scanning the QR codes. It’s important to know that the basic features work with all android phones but this app works best with Samsung Android Phones.

The cons of using this app may be that it has some limitations when it’s about playing games, such as graphical definitions may not be that much better. Transferring files from Computer to the mobile device would not be a smooth and easy procedure. Although it gives a swift access to the already installed apps and you can operate your mobile device entirely from your PC’s screen.

Intel’s Unison app is an alternative app that works similarly

3. Genymotion: How can you run android apps (APK) on your PC using Genymotion

Apart from running Android apps only if you want to explorer more of the android operating software then Genymotion is perfect for you. Genymotion is basically an emulator which was created to give benefits to the developers community. Although it is paid but you can still have your hands on some of it’s features for personal usage through non paid free version. All you need first it to create an account and you are good to go then.

To run the Android it uses a VirtualBox technology which could be downloaded as an  additional package or could be downloaded separately as well. When you are downloading it you need to make sure that you are downloading it for Personal Use and also enable the Intel VT-x/AMD-V from the BIOS options of your PC (if available)

At start Genymotion will bring a catalog of device templates that you can instal, depending on your preference giving you the liberty to adjust the screen resolution, Android Version, and various other features the emulator brings. You can continue with the template you want to try and by selecting the desired template you can enter the Android. Fromthere, you can navigate and perform every option including launching apps and run features such as GPS location.

One of the important things to remember is that the basic version of Android lacks most of the features related to Google’s Apps but you can add the Play Store from the Gapps icon in the sidebar to install it. Along with that, you won’t have the will to choose a custom template. For Example,selecting a Samsung Galaxy S10 template will not get you Samsung’s One UI.It only provided the resolution and tech specs of the virtual machine. Genymotion supports Android devices from 5 to 12.0.

4. Amazon Appstore: How can you run android apps (APK) on your PC using Amazon Appstore

Windows 11 brought us along with many advance features and one of it is the built-in support for Android Apps. All users who meet the requiredsystem requirements can be entertained by this feature. All you have to do is make sure that your Operating SOftware and the Microsoft Store are uptodate. After it, you can download Amazon Appstore and Windows Subsystem for Android.

You can download Android Apps then from the Amazon App Store. While it is a good feature but it has some limitations such as the android apps collection is not that much which could be downloaded

5. Google Play Games: How can you run android apps (APK) on your PC using Google Play Games

Do you wish to play your favorite Android games on your PC? Here is how you can play Android Games on your PC
Google has now offered its Google Games Service to machines that operate on WIndows. This has allowed Windows based systems that meet a certain requirements criteria to run some of user’s favorite Android games on their Windows desktop machine.

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