Afghanistan's third earthquake today

Afghanistan Faces Another Earthquake: Third in a Week Leaves Region Devastated

Herat province in western Afghanistan┬áhas been struck by yet another powerful earthquake, adding to the already dire situation in the country. The US Geological Survey reported a magnitude 6.3 quake near the city of Herat, at a depth of 6.3km. The latest tremor comes just days after two previous earthquakes claimed the lives of over 1,000 people. Local health authorities have confirmed one death so far, with another 100 individuals currently receiving treatment at the regional hospital. The UN’s children agency, Unicef, revealed that the majority of victims from the previous quakes were women and children. Rescue workers are tirelessly searching through the rubble for survivors, as the region struggles to cope with yet another devastating natural disaster

The situation in Afghanistan is compounded by the country’s ongoing economic crisis, conflict, and the recent Taliban takeover. Aid organizations are facing challenges in providing assistance due to limited resources and funding from the international community. The United Nations and its agencies are ramping up support and emergency operations by providing hygiene kits, winter clothes, and medical aid. Save the Children warns that existing humanitarian programs are at risk without urgent financial support. The Afghan people, already burdened by decades of conflict, are now enduring a “crisis on top of a crisis,” with children being disproportionately affected

The recent earthquakes have left the Afghan population in a state of panic and trauma. Many are choosing to sleep outside in tents, fearing further collapses and aftershocks. The Taliban, currently in power, will struggle to provide adequate shelter for the affected population as winter approaches. The economic crisis has further exacerbated the situation, with direct aid to the government halted. Afghanistan is prone to earthquakes due to its geographical location near the junction of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates, particularly in the Hindu Kush mountain range. The province of Paktika experienced a devastating 5.9 magnitude quake last year, resulting in over 1,000 deaths and leaving tens of thousands homeless

As rescue efforts continue and international aid organizations strive to provide support, Afghanistan remains in a state of emergency and dire need. The Afghan people, particularly women and children, are enduring unimaginable hardships as they face the aftermath of multiple earthquakes amidst ongoing conflict and economic instability. Urgent financial support and resources are required to alleviate the suffering and help rebuild the shattered lives of those affected by this devastating natural disaster

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